7 WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

If you’ve ever dabbled in web design, you’ve probably used or heard of WordPress. If you haven’t, you’ve at least visited a website built on WordPress: As of 2018, 30 percent of all websites are powered this open source platform.

WordPress is incredibly popular due to its ease of use and versatility. With a vast community designing new plugins, fixing bugs, and patching security flaws, it also has one of the best support bases of any website builder. These are just a few of the reasons WordPress is our platform of choice for MediaCutlet’s web development projects.

There’s a catch, though: Because WordPress is so widely used, it has become an easy target for cyber-attacks. Hackers constantly search for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and install malware on your website, so they can direct your visitors to fraudulent links, or steal sensitive information like credit card numbers or login credentials.

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