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In the age of the influencer, the world of college sports represents a huge market for brands that want up-and-coming young athletes to endorse their products. The new rules about NIL set forth by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) in July 2021 have opened the door for more athletes than ever to take advantage of this opportunity and earn money with their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

If you’re a college athlete seeking an NIL deal, MediaCutlet can help you develop a strong personal branding strategy and create content for your portfolio, including video, graphics, social content, and more.

What is NIL in college sports? 

On July 1, 2021, the NCAA implemented new rules that allow athletes varying degrees of protections and opportunities to make money through their name, image, and likeness. This includes allowing athletes to license their NIL for merchandise and ad campaigns, as well as earn income by endorsing products and companies. 

Prior to the NCAA’s rule change, 28 states already had NIL laws already in place, and others are now actively pursuing new legislation. Since these rules went into effect, athletes have been eagerly signing new endorsement deals with companies of all sizes, from local organizations to national brands like Nike. 

How MediaCutlet can help with NIL branding and assets 

College athletes who hope to land NIL deals should have an established personal brand and a media kit that includes a logo, marketing strategy, and video assets that can easily be shared across social media and other digital channels. If you’re unsure of how to get this process started, it helps to have an expert in your corner to guide you. 

At MediaCutlet, we know how to handle the needs and ambitions of college athletes because we’ve been there ourselves. Our co-founder and CEO Vincent Velasquez spent 10 years at the Star Ledger working with local high school and college athletes. He covered their stories, experienced their victories and defeats firsthand, and understands the immense power endorsement deals can have in changing their lives.

Today, MediaCutlet and its sister brand Hurricane Productions work closely with schools like Rutgers University and Princeton University to create content for their sports teams. We understand the industry well after years of working in the higher education space. We’re not just creative service providers; we have our finger on the pulse of collegiate athletics. 

Our past work in college sports media

MediaCutlet has worked with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities within the tri-state area, including Rutgers University, Seton Hall, and Princeton University. We’ve created video packages and docuseries for these universities’ elite collegiate sporting programs that have helped solidify them as a major presence in a competitive athletic market. 

In addition to our collegiate work, we offer full-fledged production on all video and media asset needs. We’ve worked with companies and brands in the past to help them establish their specific voice and create eye-catching and engaging video content that makes them rise above their competitors. 

If you’re a college athlete who’s ready to use your NIL to increase your brand and make a statement, contact MediaCutlet today. We can help you develop a strategy and media assets that make you stand out and land more deals.

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